Ho Yaqeen Episodes

Ho Yaqeen is a groundbreaking six part documentary series, that tells the stories of individuals who have spearheaded efforts for a brighter Pakistan. The series follows these trailblazers as they pursue their ideals, realize their aspirations and work for change.

In case you missed them, here’s a round-up of all six episodes of Ho Yaqeen:

EPISODE 1: Sabina Khatri



In many ways, the district of Lyari is a microcosm of the various afflictions that plague Pakistan today. Deeply divided along ethnic lines, Lyari is haunted by civil unrest, violence and cyclical poverty. Not one to shy away from adversity, Sabina Khatri chose to tackle the root of the problem by opening a Montessori in the heart of Lyari. Today, the Kiran School serves as on oasis for children and parents; it is a place full of hope, laughter and bright futures.

EPISODE 2: Zahid Ameen



A resident of Muzaffarabad, Zahid Ameen has dedicated his life to restoring his community to its former glory. Severely affected in the 2005 earthquake, Gulshan Colony remains in a state of crisis and the lingering impact of the devastation continues to threaten its residents. By galvanizing his fellow community members and spearheading an effort to save his home town from impending monsoon rains, Zahid Ameen is now playing a vital role in securing a bright future for his city.

EPISODE 3: Dr. Parveen



Peshawar is a city teeming with drug addicts, some as young as eight years old. In the fight against drugs, Dr.Parveen and her organisation Dost Foundation are leading from the front lines.


EPISODE 4: Ghulam Fatima



Bonded labour is Pakistan is an undeniable reality. Abused, overworked and neglected, brick kiln workers in the Punjab are not much more than slaves to rich exploitative owners. Fatima is a civil rights worker who has dedicated her life to ensuring that bonded labourers gain access to equal rights and freedom. Fatima’s story is embedded with passion, unrelenting motivation and a deep sense of empathy for her fellow citizens.

EPISODE 5: Ali Akbar



The Thar desert in Sindh is known for its challenging living conditions; harsh terrains and extreme weather conditions are coupled with limited access to basic resources. It is common for people to walk for miles under the scorching sun to acquire a few pots of water. Ali Akbar, who hails from Thar, is working to change this so that the people of Thar get access to clean drinking water – something that is their basic human right.


EPISODE 6: Humera Bachal


The final episode of Ho Yaqeen brings you our youngest hero. 25-year old Humera Bachal is a staunch advocate of girls’ education in an environment where agents of status quo brutally resist the idea of female literacy that is prevalent from the mountains of Swat to the coast of Karachi.


Lighting up the lives of young drug addicts,Dost Foundation, Peshawar

It is indeed sorrowful to see what effects drugs have been having on the children in Peshawar. However, it makes me feel great when I see that at least there is one individual initiative (Dost Foundation) that rests all its efforts to make these addicts lives brighter, which would otherwise have been worse. Drugs can deteriorate the whole society, hitting in all that an ordinary human requires: stable family, healthy work, friendly environment and law respecting citizens. It is in fact a serious social issue, which is often ignored from getting priority.

The widely recognized drug risk factors are genes; in which genetics play a crucial role for children to become alcoholics due to having parents with alcoholism, Mental illness; when people go under severe mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression or mood illness, Early use of drugs; as the person begins to use drugs at a early age and progress to more serious abuse, and Social environment; where the surrounding of an individual matters a lot in shaping ones life with positive activities. In addition, family problems such as having arguments and conflicts and behave violently with each other lead to addiction. Also, isolation from other family members and friends, and mingling with people and friends who are already addicted to drugs can also encourage others to follow them.

In many social circles, drugs are not acceptable or encouraged. However, the issue exists in many societies. Peshawar, one of the cities in Pakistan, is considered as the hub for drugs due to availability of heroine on cheaper prices. Many of the children are abused and addicted to drugs in this city. First of all, when one gets addicted to drug, it ruins lives of those most close to the individual, but society at large suffers from addiction’s rippling effects. As the issue has been easily overlooked in this society, hundreds of children are struggling with addiction not knowing that they are on a dangerous journey.

Yet, SOC Films, Ho-yakeen’s episode 3 by Dr. Parveen is another inspiring story of a woman who has decided to dedicate the rest of her life to working with drug addicted children and adults in Peshawar. Her selfless service of twelve years at Dost Foundation, and the contribution to rehabilitating these young drug addicts is truly inspiring. Besides, what really inspires about this Ho-yakeen series is, all the individuals who have put all their efforts to make changes in society are just ordinary people. This makes me feel that, you don’t need to be a celebrity or a wealthy person to help others but must have the will and there will be a way definitely. Moreover, this episode shows the consequences of using drugs as these children and adults are not aware of infectious diseases. Dr. Parveen’s boundless energy and the efforts she puts in to the Dost Foundation should be acknowledged and inspire others to contribute to these youngsters’ future as well.

Preview: Episode 3- Ho-Yakeen

When the innocent, helpless face of a young boy from Peshawar is coupled with flashes of needles, darkness and drug-addiction, something seems not only out of place, but wrong. With the slow deterioration of their lives and spirits comes a destruction of their mind and body. They begin to fear their families, the world around them, and slowly begin to fear themselves.

Dr.Parveen Azam Khan could not witness the pain-stricken lives these forgotten children led, and so she strived to help them, to make a change. She dedicated her life to the rehabilitation of these lost children whose families ignored their plight, who were trapped on the streets without shelter or food, and whose lives were finishing before everyone’s eyes.

In 1992, Dr. Parveen founded the “Dost Welfare Organisation” which aimed to better the lives of those who succumbed to drugs, whether on the streets, in prisons or even within the community itself. These children were forgotten. They were completely cut off by their families and the society they lived in. Dr. Parveen seemed to be one of the few that remembered.

“At eight, I began using drugs. When I wanted to stop, my body began breaking down – the same way a car breaks down. It felt like someone tied me up and kept beating me,” one of her patients recalls. Such a powerful thought, said by a young boy with watering eyes, is what speaks to Dr. Parveen and sparks her selfless interest, her inspirational dedication.

This episode of Ho Yaqeen is a particularly emotional journey. These are stories one only hears briefly and superficially on a day-to-day basis. But actually witnessing them and seeing the pain that is drenched in their lives and stories of these children is what speaks to one. Opening one’s eyes to the blatant abuse these young boys experience is difficult, but a learning experience.
The episode features how Dr. Parveen effectively manages to stabilise the children, and suggests what may be the cause of their turn to this way of life. The most heartbreaking part is how evident it is that they want help – that they know how desperately they need it.

“You will know the full effect of drugs when you hear their screams.” Dr. Parveen’s chilling words make one understand what she has experienced by dedicating her life to a relatively ignored cause.

This poignant episode of Ho Yakeen will air on the 15th of July, 2012.

Written By:- Azam Mahmood