About the Interns at SOC Films

Ho-Yakeen, is a journal inspired by a similarly named six part documentary series by SOC Films( a company spearheaded by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy). Ho Yakeen means “to believe”, and the series is an inspiring example for every Pakistani to bring a positive change in society. It depicts the story of individuals who have spearheaded efforts for a brighter Pakistan. As positivity and optimism are the key takeouts from this series, we the interns of SOC Films were inspired to create this blog, to share our experiences of working on the multitude of projects underway and document the daily inspirations that we encounter.

Contributing Interns:

1. Danyal Adam Khan

2. Eleyna Haroun

3. Nazneen

4. Thasomini Palaniyandy


2 thoughts on “About the Interns at SOC Films

  1. i am extremely impressed by the people who have been shown in these films. i have always believed it to be a social responsibility on part of every Pakistani or for that matter every human to serve for a cause. watching these people doing for the betterment of their community has motivated to do much much more for my cause. we should bring such people into limelight to give our generation the message and direction to work towards a better Pakistan. i would love to be a part of this team for that matter and learn from it. these documentaries have been brilliantly shot and i am glued to them and watching them over and over again. this gives me hope in pakistan because sharmeen and her team through their work are giving the message, that yes like all third world countries we are suffering through social problems but we have the ability to solve them and there are people in this country who are making a difference. salute to you and your team sharmeen for making us proud and presenting the good side of our community. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON – WITH YAQEEN 🙂

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