Ho Yaqeen Episodes

Ho Yaqeen is a groundbreaking six part documentary series, that tells the stories of individuals who have spearheaded efforts for a brighter Pakistan. The series follows these trailblazers as they pursue their ideals, realize their aspirations and work for change.

In case you missed them, here’s a round-up of all six episodes of Ho Yaqeen:

EPISODE 1: Sabina Khatri



In many ways, the district of Lyari is a microcosm of the various afflictions that plague Pakistan today. Deeply divided along ethnic lines, Lyari is haunted by civil unrest, violence and cyclical poverty. Not one to shy away from adversity, Sabina Khatri chose to tackle the root of the problem by opening a Montessori in the heart of Lyari. Today, the Kiran School serves as on oasis for children and parents; it is a place full of hope, laughter and bright futures.

EPISODE 2: Zahid Ameen



A resident of Muzaffarabad, Zahid Ameen has dedicated his life to restoring his community to its former glory. Severely affected in the 2005 earthquake, Gulshan Colony remains in a state of crisis and the lingering impact of the devastation continues to threaten its residents. By galvanizing his fellow community members and spearheading an effort to save his home town from impending monsoon rains, Zahid Ameen is now playing a vital role in securing a bright future for his city.

EPISODE 3: Dr. Parveen



Peshawar is a city teeming with drug addicts, some as young as eight years old. In the fight against drugs, Dr.Parveen and her organisation Dost Foundation are leading from the front lines.


EPISODE 4: Ghulam Fatima



Bonded labour is Pakistan is an undeniable reality. Abused, overworked and neglected, brick kiln workers in the Punjab are not much more than slaves to rich exploitative owners. Fatima is a civil rights worker who has dedicated her life to ensuring that bonded labourers gain access to equal rights and freedom. Fatima’s story is embedded with passion, unrelenting motivation and a deep sense of empathy for her fellow citizens.

EPISODE 5: Ali Akbar



The Thar desert in Sindh is known for its challenging living conditions; harsh terrains and extreme weather conditions are coupled with limited access to basic resources. It is common for people to walk for miles under the scorching sun to acquire a few pots of water. Ali Akbar, who hails from Thar, is working to change this so that the people of Thar get access to clean drinking water – something that is their basic human right.


EPISODE 6: Humera Bachal


The final episode of Ho Yaqeen brings you our youngest hero. 25-year old Humera Bachal is a staunch advocate of girls’ education in an environment where agents of status quo brutally resist the idea of female literacy that is prevalent from the mountains of Swat to the coast of Karachi.


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