My Internship Experience at SOC Films, Karachi, Pakistan

Although I’m a third year student of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh, Journalism and Communication continue to be my passion . I find that my interests and dreams keep changing. At the beginning of the spring semester 2012, I took photography as one of my independent courses and through the lens, I explored the religious harmony that exists in the city of Chittagong Bangladesh. As the interest in photography grew day by day, I wished to get an internship in a media related company and looking for an opportunity that met my interests. However, by the end of the semester, I decided that I will enroll in summer courses at AUW and will not try for any internship. While I decided to stay back, the internship opportunity at SOC Films was announced and I immediately changed my mind.. After I was accepted, I started my internship over here in Karachi, Pakistan in the beginning of June 2012. In total it lasted for two months but the days went by so fast that it truly feels like it has been only been a few days.

Interning at a film company gave me various exciting experiences; I felt every day was an adventure. I obtained skills in transcribing, photography, blogging, writing, researching, and field tasks at shoots. I was able to explore different facets of production and the process of professional documentary video production which included commercial video production and a health related documentary. I also had the opportunity to gain overall production exposure, from pre-production through production and post-production. In addition, I have enjoyed researching on topics for proposals, for example, polio in Pakistan, child marriage in Pakistan, and other research such as super heroes in comics, animated movies in Pakistan and many more. The best part is that I got to research topics that I was interested in, which made me enjoy the process more.Besides, the most interesting and enjoyable tasks for me are taking photographs of behind the scenes, accompanying staff and crew on shoots, logging video archives and assisting camera man and other staffs as assigned – such tasks encouraged me to network with different people from different departments.

Moreover, I have really enjoyed the friendly and relaxed atmosphere at the company and the wonderful people I have worked alongside. Whenever I got stuck with my assigned tasks, I discussed my problems and findings with the staff and received advice and feedback that always helped me and gave me new energy and motivation. It also made me realize that although I have done few other summer projects and internships in Sri Lanka and India, the internship at SOC Films in Pakistan has been the most rewarding of all. I have really learned many different things in a short period of time.

At the end, I found that the more I’m passionate about the organization’s mission and feel excited about the work that I’m doing, the more I feel happy with my days. I’m sad that I have to leave this place very early but I’m grateful and confident that I have learned a great deal and have added a valuable experience to add to my resume. Eventually, the decision I made to give up my summer courses and come to Pakistan to do this internship is the best decision I have ever made.


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