Lighting up the lives of young drug addicts,Dost Foundation, Peshawar

It is indeed sorrowful to see what effects drugs have been having on the children in Peshawar. However, it makes me feel great when I see that at least there is one individual initiative (Dost Foundation) that rests all its efforts to make these addicts lives brighter, which would otherwise have been worse. Drugs can deteriorate the whole society, hitting in all that an ordinary human requires: stable family, healthy work, friendly environment and law respecting citizens. It is in fact a serious social issue, which is often ignored from getting priority.

The widely recognized drug risk factors are genes; in which genetics play a crucial role for children to become alcoholics due to having parents with alcoholism, Mental illness; when people go under severe mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression or mood illness, Early use of drugs; as the person begins to use drugs at a early age and progress to more serious abuse, and Social environment; where the surrounding of an individual matters a lot in shaping ones life with positive activities. In addition, family problems such as having arguments and conflicts and behave violently with each other lead to addiction. Also, isolation from other family members and friends, and mingling with people and friends who are already addicted to drugs can also encourage others to follow them.

In many social circles, drugs are not acceptable or encouraged. However, the issue exists in many societies. Peshawar, one of the cities in Pakistan, is considered as the hub for drugs due to availability of heroine on cheaper prices. Many of the children are abused and addicted to drugs in this city. First of all, when one gets addicted to drug, it ruins lives of those most close to the individual, but society at large suffers from addiction’s rippling effects. As the issue has been easily overlooked in this society, hundreds of children are struggling with addiction not knowing that they are on a dangerous journey.

Yet, SOC Films, Ho-yakeen’s episode 3 by Dr. Parveen is another inspiring story of a woman who has decided to dedicate the rest of her life to working with drug addicted children and adults in Peshawar. Her selfless service of twelve years at Dost Foundation, and the contribution to rehabilitating these young drug addicts is truly inspiring. Besides, what really inspires about this Ho-yakeen series is, all the individuals who have put all their efforts to make changes in society are just ordinary people. This makes me feel that, you don’t need to be a celebrity or a wealthy person to help others but must have the will and there will be a way definitely. Moreover, this episode shows the consequences of using drugs as these children and adults are not aware of infectious diseases. Dr. Parveen’s boundless energy and the efforts she puts in to the Dost Foundation should be acknowledged and inspire others to contribute to these youngsters’ future as well.


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