Preview: Episode 3- Ho-Yakeen

When the innocent, helpless face of a young boy from Peshawar is coupled with flashes of needles, darkness and drug-addiction, something seems not only out of place, but wrong. With the slow deterioration of their lives and spirits comes a destruction of their mind and body. They begin to fear their families, the world around them, and slowly begin to fear themselves.

Dr.Parveen Azam Khan could not witness the pain-stricken lives these forgotten children led, and so she strived to help them, to make a change. She dedicated her life to the rehabilitation of these lost children whose families ignored their plight, who were trapped on the streets without shelter or food, and whose lives were finishing before everyone’s eyes.

In 1992, Dr. Parveen founded the “Dost Welfare Organisation” which aimed to better the lives of those who succumbed to drugs, whether on the streets, in prisons or even within the community itself. These children were forgotten. They were completely cut off by their families and the society they lived in. Dr. Parveen seemed to be one of the few that remembered.

“At eight, I began using drugs. When I wanted to stop, my body began breaking down – the same way a car breaks down. It felt like someone tied me up and kept beating me,” one of her patients recalls. Such a powerful thought, said by a young boy with watering eyes, is what speaks to Dr. Parveen and sparks her selfless interest, her inspirational dedication.

This episode of Ho Yaqeen is a particularly emotional journey. These are stories one only hears briefly and superficially on a day-to-day basis. But actually witnessing them and seeing the pain that is drenched in their lives and stories of these children is what speaks to one. Opening one’s eyes to the blatant abuse these young boys experience is difficult, but a learning experience.
The episode features how Dr. Parveen effectively manages to stabilise the children, and suggests what may be the cause of their turn to this way of life. The most heartbreaking part is how evident it is that they want help – that they know how desperately they need it.

“You will know the full effect of drugs when you hear their screams.” Dr. Parveen’s chilling words make one understand what she has experienced by dedicating her life to a relatively ignored cause.

This poignant episode of Ho Yakeen will air on the 15th of July, 2012.

Written By:- Azam Mahmood


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