City of Lights, Karachi, Pakistan

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Karachi, one of the world’s largest and the cosmopolitan cities, stands out for its amazing variety of culture, people, custom and historical places. The city is inhabited by a different variety of communities to different religious and linguistic groups drawn from other parts of the country. The city has an attraction for outsiders as it offers infinite interesting and pleasant experiences to its citizens and visitors. Though the city is quite warm, it enjoys consistently pleasant evenings due to its proximity to the sea.

As a non compatriot, having visited some wonderful places in Karachi, such as Mohatta Palace, Jinnah home, Mazar-e-Quaid (Tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, an iconic symbol), sea view park, St.Patricks church, and Frere hall, and Masjid e Tooba, I must say, the marvelous city has exciting sightseeing as well as beautiful buildings and architecture along with the cool Arabian sea breeze as a way to lure people. The beach in Clifton is an excursion destination in Karachi, where many family, friends and tourists spend their evening along with the beachside horse and camel rides, amusement parks, restaurants, and swimming in the Arabian Sea. It was amazing to see that the historical buildings, which were built during the British colonial period, still enlightened the visitors with remarkable stories.

In addition, the city presents impressive shopping malls, luxury hotels, outstanding restaurants and variety of food. Also, many kinds of fruits and vegetables are available in abundance and easily accessible in Karachi. The Mango is one of the seasonal fruits that is available in Summer and I must pause to let readers know that Pakistan has one of the best mangoes in the world. Along with that, Pakistani cuisine is unique in a way that you will find traditional food everywhere along with the featured Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, French cuisines and a range of seafood and barbecue specialists. The Pakistani traditional foods are very delicious and spicy to eat. Also, there are varieties of activities available in Karachi for entertainment and enjoyment such as art galleries, theaters, and clubs. Besides, people are very sociable and very friendly to mingle with. I’m pretty sure that a visitor in Pakistan will enjoy the treatment and the care s/he receives at someone’s home. Having experienced the life in Karachi for a short period, I would say that living in Karachi is exciting as well as an enriching diverse cultural experience, which you will gain at the end of your journey. I have decided that I will make another trip to explore the unseen beauty of the rest of the Pakistan.


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