A Hope for a New Life

The day when I came to know about the Indus Hospital, I was overwhelmed, knowing about its completely free treatment available to many Pakistanis who do not have access to high quality health care across the country. Indeed, it might not be very meaningful for many affluent families, but for almost all indigent Pakistanis it is equivalent to giving a new life to them. The moment I heard about totally free medical service, the grieves, sorrows and the suffering due to lack of proper medical facilities of helpless people of my town, back in the North corner of Pakistan, flashed across my mind. I know I could not help being a student, but their anguish always reminds me of helping those needy people. On that day, I was delighted to see amazing medical facilities and very advanced machines which we can only find in very expensive private hospitals.

After research, I came to know that the Indus Hospital is a multidisciplinary hospital and currently the services are being offered to inpatients and outpatients. Some of the varieties of services available in the hospital are nephrology, urology, cardiology, infectious diseases and many other treatments are offered. Besides this, the hospital is well equipped with very modern instruments with other facilities such as angiography suite, dialysis unit, advanced interventional radiological setup, tuberculosis lab and many other facilities. Amazingly, “it is the first paper less hospital established in Pakistan” with a very friendly hospital management information system developed in-house.

A couple of days back, being an intern at SOC Films i got chance to visit the Indus Hospital with some members of the production team in order to take interviews of some female and male nurses as well as doctors who were willingly ready to talk in front of camera. We were there to make a documentary about the hospital aiming to show it to its donors. The facilities and the systematic arrangement of everything such as medical records really impressed me and I found that along with free medicine and medical treatment, even food is provided to the patients.

Before getting the opportunity to visit Indus Hospital, I had no idea about the hospital. My lack of awareness reminded me of really needy Pakistanis living in very far corners of Pakistan who might not have any idea about such an amazing opportunity.

I recall the story of a girl who lives very close to my home, she is knowingly counting the last few years of her life while all her friends enjoy life carefree. Remembering her sickness my heart ached but with a big hope, a hope of getting her back to normal healthy life. In the beginning, the disease was not very serious. But due to various reasons including lack for financial resources, staying very far from city facilities, and being a woman without any male support,  she did not get treatment for 17 years unknowingly and 6 years after knowing about the disease. So, after 23 years of sickness, the common disease has become worse and worse.

Like the case mentioned above, there are many cases where poor people remain in danger of losing their lives, often because they have lost hope. In such kind of hard situations, the Indus Hospital is a hope for many poor citizens of Pakistan to recover from various diseases ranging from small illnesses to large operations.

On that day, after coming back from the Indus Hospital, I called some of my friends and known people telling about the hospital and about its highly good resources available over there. I suggested informing other people as well who do not have knowledge about the hospital. That day, I was really happy, I got a kind of inner satisfaction and I felt as if I had done one of the most important tasks of my life. I felt very proud my own country.

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About Nazneen

I am Nazneen from Hunza, Pakistan studying in Bangladesh at Asian University for Women. As it is a liberal arts university, we are exposed to real life issues and events through internships in various fields. Last year, I got a chance to take a course on Women and Western Families in History at Stanford University in California. This year, I got an internship opportunity at SOC Films, which is a production company in Pakistan, spearheaded by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy. I'm finding the internship really interesting as we are given various kind of activities in different sectors. I got opportunity to observe the process of selecting subjects for documentaries and we are allowed to accompany the production team to various places where they shoot for documentaries. Usually, our task is to take photographs of the process behind the screen and logging the shoots. Besides that, the first and continuing project we got was to make a blog inspired by a six part documentary series where the aim of the project was to share our experiences as well as to show SOC Films' contribution in demonstrating the individual's ability to make a difference in their communities.

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