A day at the INDUS hospital

“The most important asset one can possess is his/her health, the second one is knowledge”. Right now, while you read this post, there is someone who is getting admitted or discharged at the INDUS hospital. Thousands of people are getting treatment at the Indus hospital, a symbol of hope for the most vulnerable members of the society that provides “health and excellence driven unconditional medical services to humanity, only to please Allah”. It is Pakistan’s first paperless hospital where the cost for treatment is entirely free for every citizen. The establishment of Indus hospital came into reality when a group of doctors, donors and businessmen came forward and pledged support for the disadvantaged communities in Karachi;however, patients come from all over Pakistan.

Fortunately, as an intern at SOC Films, I had few visits to the Indus hospital with the production team where I could witness the reality. I saw numerous patients at the hospital. People who had traveled to the Indus hospital from various cities, taking several hours and days long trips, to get treatment. I found that the treatment and supportive care for every patient is equal and fair. In fact, the Indus hospital uses modern and advanced medical equipment as well as medical practices. I observed that the quality of care delivered at Indus is the same as other private hospitals that I have observed so far. In addition, it is very important to understand that staying in hospital can be stressful, so a professional and friendly staffs make a huge different in the recovery process of patients. Indeed, the medical professionals around Indus hospital are dedicated and friendly and try
to make patients feel comfortable.

Besides, having gone with production team for shooting, I had a chance to see the screen test before the final shooting as well as the interview process for health related documentaries. As a matter of fact, shooting and listening to patients , who have gone under severe medical condition, is difficult. I remember the moment when a patient was sharing her life story, she started crying during the shoot. Even though I did not understand the language completely, I was able to feel from few words that she has been going through a dreadful journey in her life. My eyes were filled with tears and I held them back and forced myself to smile at her so that she would feel comfortable in continuing the process. In spite of her distressing life events and emotions, she cooperated with the production team to finish the shooting successfully which also made my visit to the Indus hospital meaningful.


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