Faith for Pakistan

My experience at SOC Films has been one of growth and learning. What started as a one week project for translation from Pashto to English, stretched on to a two month internship. The majority of my work consisted of translations and transcriptions, but far from being limited to the desk, I have been involved in a large portion of the field work. Moreover, the work environment at SOC is one that promotes professionalism and creativity. I began my internship in May and within the first few days, was off to Peshawar for the filming of the next episode of Ho Yaqeen, the new documentary series that showcases the unsung heroes of Pakistan working for social reform. From what I had seen of Ho Yaqeen previously, it was touching and thought provoking, but nothing could have prepared me for the actual exposure of working with these heroes on the ground.
My two trips to Peshawar were inspirational, to say the least. Although my main task was that of a translator, I was involved in all areas of the production and got a hands on experience of how the job is done. My understanding of all aspects of film-making was refined, including handling the camera and bringing the entire project together. From working with juvenile heroin addicts to filming in the most forgotten slums, I realized how beautifully intricate the process of creating a film is. There will be hurdle after hurdle, but the drive to send out a message takes us to the very end. It opened my eyes to the harsh realities of the world we live in. I saw what the masses of our country must live with everday and how that story almost always remains untold. But the most overwhelming, was the strength displayed by each individual I came across, young and old. It showed me the bravery of the human spirit fighting against all odds, which is what Ho Yaqeen is all about.
I have been privileged to be a part of something so great. My experience here has built an excellent foundation for my future career in the media and everything I have learnt here is what I will carry forward with me and cherish for a long time to come.

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About Danyal Adam Khan

My name is Danyal Adam Khan and I am currently working as an intern at Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Films. Having graduated from the University of London External Programme with a BSc in Economics and Management last year, I decided to pursue the field of Media and Film instead. With this internship, I got the perfect opportunity to learn about the work and provide an excellent start to my career. In my role at SOC Films, I am mostly involved in translations from Pashto to Urdu and English, and their relevant transcriptions. My work, however, is not only limited to the office and I have been involved in a lot of the filming and fieldwork, which has been highly interesting. In this friendly and helpful environment, I have already gained a lot of experience which I know will prove to be catalyst for my future career.

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