My experience at shooting places…

On 10th of June, it was a beautiful evening. I had a tremendous opportunity to broaden my photography skills and I adored shooting at Sea View Park Clifton, Karachi with SOC Films production team. It was for a commercial advertisement for an organization named Charter for Compassion. The shooting was scheduled for two days. The first was at Sea View Park and the following day was at a house and a mosque. I think more than any other casts and crew; I was the one who was really excited to be a part of it. The shooting at Sea View Park was the first day of experiencing and observing the shooting process. I took my camera with me so that I would not miss a thing. In fact, I was given interesting tasks such as to take photographs of settings, the scenarios behind the scenes as well as logging the shots that were scheduled for that day. I learned to identify the shots whether it is a close up, medium or long shot. Recording the shots in the logging sheet under different categories such as file name, shot and description where the quality of the video is described as good, very good or bad are the things that I learned newly on that day!

Apart from these learning experiences, I was pleased to see Pakistanis leading ordinary lives enjoying the evening at the beach with family and friends. In addition, not only people from Karachi visit the beach, but people from other provinces also visit Karachi and enjoy their days by the sea. In fact, shooting in such places added extra flavor to their enjoyment as people got the chance to see the process of shooting. They were interested in knowing whether it was a TV program, film or documentary. People were willing to appear in the videos; they came forward to help the team when they required their support. I wish I could speak Urdu or Hindi to communicate freely with them and get to know more about their lives.

In fact, shooting is not an easy task. It requires lots of hard work. Through the work, I have learned several valuable lessons including the importance of having perseverance, passion, patience and humility. I feel that if a person is not passionate about the process of shooting, he or she will be bored as shooting requires repetition and dedication until you get the perfect shot.

The following day shooting was at a house and a mosque. Indoor shooting was more difficult than outdoor. In a given space, I had to move around adjusting all the equipments including track, lights and many other instruments used for room setting. However, I enjoyed taking photographs and seeing the shooting at a close distance. Also, Masjid e Tooba amazed me with its grandeur and intricate design. Besides this, the atmosphere was very calm and quiet and there was a peaceful feeling that took over as soon as we entered the mosque. Overall, I have really enjoyed the relaxed evening at the beach, shooting in various places as well as working with wonderful people


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