Ho-Yakeen, a six part documentary series by SOC Films is an inspiring example for every Pakistani to make a brighter Pakistan. It follows the stories of ordinary citizens struggling to bring about a positive change in Pakistan. The first episode of Ho-Yaqeen is about a brave woman named Sabina Khatri who focuses on the education of children in Lyari. With crimes such as drug dealing, killing and many other illegal activities taking place in the area, the probability of education  having a huge influence on the future of children in the community, is quite high.

It is true that the environment where an individual is nurtured has a huge influence on his or her behavior especially a child’s growth and development during its primary stages where parents become the main point of socialization. However apart from parental interaction which can have both positive and negative affects on a child, the contribution of the environment and other social factors cannot be overlooked. Sabina Khatri understands the situation of Lyari, she chooses this place to prevent the children from this area becoming tangled in nefarious activities within Lyari. Hence, she tries to bring change not only through the education of children but their parents as well. Acknowledging that fathers have more power than mothers in decision-making, she insists on educating both. Overall, this episode shows how she has inspired children as well as the community for a brighter Pakistan, bringing about a positive change in the community.

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About Nazneen

I am Nazneen from Hunza, Pakistan studying in Bangladesh at Asian University for Women. As it is a liberal arts university, we are exposed to real life issues and events through internships in various fields. Last year, I got a chance to take a course on Women and Western Families in History at Stanford University in California. This year, I got an internship opportunity at SOC Films, which is a production company in Pakistan, spearheaded by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy. I'm finding the internship really interesting as we are given various kind of activities in different sectors. I got opportunity to observe the process of selecting subjects for documentaries and we are allowed to accompany the production team to various places where they shoot for documentaries. Usually, our task is to take photographs of the process behind the screen and logging the shoots. Besides that, the first and continuing project we got was to make a blog inspired by a six part documentary series where the aim of the project was to share our experiences as well as to show SOC Films' contribution in demonstrating the individual's ability to make a difference in their communities.

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